Price List

Multispectral Imagery Prices

Programmed Imagery

22m Data
Standard Campaign Fee €0.15 per km2*
Priority Campaign Fee €0.25 per km2*
* costs per km2 of optimised AOI

Archive Imagery

22m Data
Imagery < 3 months old  €0.09 per km2
Imagery > 3 months old  €0.06 per km2
 * costs per km2 of a full scene or an optimised subset* For more information on optimised subsets and AOIs contact DMCii

Licensing & Discounts

Archive & Programmed Imagery

Base level pricing in the above tables is for a single organisation or government department. For multiple imagery users the Licence Fee payable is increased. Other licensing requirements can be met on request.

Licence Type* Uplift / Discount Percentage*
Single Organisation Licence 0%
2 to 10 Users 20% Uplift
> 10 User Contact
Academic Licence 20% Discount
* For alternative licensing options please contact us

Volume discounts apply for large areas and multi-temporal requests

For more information about ordering DCMii data, please contact us and will be happy to help