Direct Reception: Technical Information

Regular, big data volume, large coverage satellite data supply in near-real-time

The direct download service can provide regular coverage of very large areas. With the basic minutes package, 3.5 million square kilometre of data will be delivered per month, and further minutes can be purchased up to a maximum of 600 minutes per month, which is equivalent to having your own DMC satellite over your reception circle.

an image to show the swath of the satellites

For direct download, imagery can be scheduled with different scene sizes to suit the are of interest. The scenes can be sized up to 650km across, offering a very wide fields of view, or as low as 160km, tailored to target required. Both scenarios allow up to 2,100 km along track imaging capability.

The following antenna requirements need to be met by the existing station to allow the upgrade. Contact us at and we can quote additionally to upgrade components if required.

  • X Band Receive system with Left Hand Circular polarisation receive capability at 8200Mhz.
  • G/T performance of system >29dB/K
  • Receiver capable of QPSK (FEC (Viterbi r=1/2, k=7) demodulation at 80 Mbps
  • Ingest processor capable of storing raw data stream to hard disk with no time stamping or any other manipulation of the raw data stream.

Service level 40 Mbps 80Mbps
Broadcast service Yes Yes
Basic minutes per month 100 min 100 min
Maximum minutes per month 600 min 600 min
Minimum area covered per month 3,500,000 km2 7,000,000 km2
No. of passes per month ~60 -70 ~60 -70

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