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We are celebrating 10 years of Hyperspectral imaging

Data from the CHRIS Hyperspectral camera is currently supplied free for research applications. The imaging schedule and data release is managed by co-operation between DMCii, Remote Sensing Application Consultants Ltd and the European Space Agency (ESA).

On 22nd October 2001 PROBA-1 was launched from India. The first of a series of ESA satellites, it carried with it CHRIS, one of the first…

DMCii expands rapid 22m satellite imaging service NigeriaSat-X

With today’s launch of the NigeriaSat-X 22m multi-spectral Earth observation satellite, DMC International Imaging Ltd. (DMCii) gains a significant increase in capacity for its rapid response global commercial imaging service.

The latest generation of satellites doubles the number of pixels per hectare and improves the image quality over the current 32m constellation, providing reliab…

DMCii Agrees Terms with Beijing-based 21AT

U.K.-based satellite imagery provider DMC International Imaging Ltd (DMCii) signed a £110m deal with Beijing-based company 21AT, to provide access to high-resolution satellite imagery for its customers during the Chinese premier’s U.K. visit. 21AT will lease capacity from three new satellites that are to be launched into a new Earth Observation constellation DMC3, which will be owned and…

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