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DMCii imagery – Halting Deforestation in Argentina

Greenpeace Argentina has won a campaign to enforce the application of the current national forest protection law in El Impenetrable, while proving the effectiveness of Geodan’s Earthwatchers social network with DMCii Imagery at the same time.

Earthwatchers, within the DeforestACTION project, encourages students to take an active part in monitoring deforestation by giving each a pocket of on…

DMCii’s detailed satellite imagery helps Brazil stamp out deforestation as it happens

DMC International Imaging Ltd (DMCii) has signed a contract with Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research (INPE) to deliver near real-time satellite imagery to monitor forest clearing in the Amazon rainforest and target illegal logging as it happens.

INPE is leading the world in the use of satellite imagery to monitor deforestation, providing information central to Brazil’s war on…

DMC International Imaging Ltd (DMCii) has launched its New Year sale

DMCii has launched its New Year sale, during which customers can purchase its high quality, ready-to-use country image packs at half price.

DMCii imaging specialists have produced complete, high quality 22m multi-spectral satellite imagery of many countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas. The image packs are compiled using the best available imagery from 2011 resulting…

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