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A busy week of Global Natural Disasters

DMCii continues to supply satellite imagery of the UK floods to emergency responders in the UK. This is the third time The International Charter: Space and Natural Disasters has been activated for the UK since December 2013.

Operating an emergency on-call service for the International Charter in the previous week, DMCii was able to get the quickest possible satellite tasking of affected areas from data providers. DMCii’s experts also simultaneously tasked a global satellite fleet to provide support for fires in India’s Kohlma District, floods in the Masvingo Province of Zimbabwe and snow in the Gangwon province of South Korea.

DMCii Operations and the Charter Executive Secretariat were working all through Saturday to fully support the Environment Agency. The below image shows an area of severe flooding caused by the River Parrett, in Bridgwater, Somerset. With the use of a DMC ortho product, the Environment Agency produced flood outline maps, which were given to the Government Chief Scientific Advisor, Mark Walport on Sunday.

Over the weekend Environment Agency staff worked tirelessly to build a two-foot high barrier between the swollen river and the canal near Bridgwater, in order to save some 1,000 homes from disaster.

These satellite images are just part of the information and support that DMCii has provided to the Cabinet Office and Environment Agency over the past week, helping to equip both bodies with information needed to tackle on-going flooding in the UK.


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