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DMCii and ISPRS aid global research projects

DMCii congratulates the five winners of joint ISPRS student consortium competition, each of which will receive free DMCii imagery to aid ongoing remote sensing projects. The projects are taking place all around the World from the polar regions to Sri Lanka, but all seek to learn more about our planet and the forces of change affecting it. The five winning projects are:

UK-DMC2 image of Michigan

•    Riccardo Tortini from Michigan Technological University will use the DMC imagery to monitor land cover change from timber to non-timber use in Michigan and to help calculate the rate and intensity of forest harvesting in the area. As DMC imagery is comparable to Landsat data, the project will use the data to plug gaps in Landsat coverage allowing comparison of land cover over time.
•    Fabian Enβle from the University of Freiburg will use DMC data to help monitor forest degradation caused by logging and and ‘slash and burn’ practices in the Congo rainforest, as part of the UN’s ReCover project. The project will create a mosaic of the region and identify different land cover classes such as Savannah, forest and swamp. It will also map burned areas for a pilot study into carbon emissions from Savannah burning.
•    Shridhar D Jawak from the National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research will map polar regions to gain a better understanding of the dynamic processes of seasonal snow cover. Using recent DMC imagery alongside the Landsat archive will allow the project to identify changes over time and assess the response of seasonal snow cover to global warming.

UK-DMC2 image of polar regions

•    Ram Avtar from the United Nations University in Japan is looking at vegetation conditions to assess groundwater levels in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has many man-made lakes and ponds that store water for use in the dry season, a lot of which are very old or out of use. DMC imagery is especially suited to tracking changes to vegetation conditions and will allow the project to draw conclusions about the use and effectiveness of traditional Sri Lankan water resources.
•    Kuan-Hsun Cho from the National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan is looking at cloud detection over Taiwan. DMC satellites’ very wide 650km imaging area will allow the whole of Taiwan to be imaged in just 1 pass. By compiling a sequence of images of the same location over a short period of time, the project will detect and remove cloud cover to compile a complete, cloudless image of the island.

Elena Lobo from DMCii said: “We’re glad to have the opportunity to aid academic research and want to congratulate our five well-deserved winners. The variety of projects submitted is testament to both the versatility of DMC imagery and the innovative thinking of applicants. These students represent the next generation of GIS professionals which, judging by the applications, is an encouraging sign for the future of the industry. We wish the winners the best of luck with their projects and are looking forward to seeing some great results!”

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