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The DMC Constellation Observes Flooding in Australia.

Cyclone Debbie made landfall in Australia on the 28th March 2017. The cyclone brought heavy rainfall and flooding which has caused many people to evacuate their homes. The Category Four Storm has left thousands without electricity and some towns left stranded due to flash flooding with impassable roads hampering all relief efforts.



The map above shows the Isaac River which flows into the Mackenzie River, and then onto the Fitzroy River. The Fitzroy River runs through the Australian city of Rockhampton (as seen below). All these rivers are currently inundated.

The DMC Constellation acquired imagery over the flooded areas of Australia on the 1st and 4th April 2017 and has provided the data to the International Charter Space and Major Disasters.

Animation of Pre & Post Flood imagery of the Isaac River, acquired by the DMC Constellation


Animation of Pre & Post Flood imagery of Rockhampton in Australia, acquired by the DMC Constellation

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