The DMC Constellation Detects Wildfires in Russia

The wildfires have been observed over the Central Siberian Plateau in the Sakha Republic Region in Russia.

This image was acquired on Friday 4th August by the DMC Constellation.

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DMCii Image of the Month

Every month we choose an image of the month from the DMC (Disaster Monitoring Constellation).

This month UK-DMC2 acquired an image over Brazil, where multiple fires were observed burning in the State of Mato Grosso.

The black area is the burn scar, which clearly shows the extent of the damage caused to the rainforest.

There have been many fires observed throughout Brazil over t…

Russia’s Vast Wildfires

Vast wildfires are currently burning across Russia.  After many fires throughout May, a new series of large fires started once again on June 26th 2016, most sparked by recent thunderstorms.

Most Russian wildfires occur in wilderness areas and therefore do not pose such a threat to human populations.  While there are various estimates as to the size of the fires, exact figures are unknown.

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