Change Detection Maps

The Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami Seen by the DMC Constellation

On 28th September 2018, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake occurred near the central Indonesian Island of Sulawesi. The Earthquake triggered a tsunami.

Relief efforts are assisting in the evacuation of survivors and delivering food and water, but damaged powerlines and impassable roads are hampering relief efforts.

The above image from the UK-DMC2 was taken before the tsunami on the 19th July…

The DMC Constellation Captures Mount Fuegos Deadly Pyroclastic Flow.

Guatemala’s Volcano, known as Mount Fuego, has erupted with the most powerful eruption in over 100 years. Local reports have confirmed that many people are missing and fatalities are still rising. Local villages have been covered in ash and debris, a state of emergency has been declared.

Below the two DMC Constellation images show the severity of pyroclastic flow.

You can see more of…

Burn Scars Observed on Mount Vesuvius

On the 12th July, Mount Vesuvius experienced multiple fires which have scorched acres of surrounding woodland.

Large clouds of smoke blew over nearby towns and villages including Naples. A number of people were evacuated from their homes but thankfully no injuries or fatalities were reported.

The fire has destroyed large areas of vegetation which has left areas of exposed volcanic…

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